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A cute little place in the breathtakingly beautiful Cinque Terrre, this apartment was perfect for our 3 day stay in Monterosso al Mare. When we weren't out hiking, at the beach, or sampling local seafood, we spent most of our time on the porch that looks down the hillside to the Ligurian Sea. There's a garden lush with flowers and olive trees, and the wild whimsy of it responded to the gypsy in my soul. The windows open widely to let in the night breeze and there was plenty of room for my family of 6 (4 of which are young) when one slept on the sofa bed. Concierge Karina met us at the station to help us find our way, and she responded promptly when there was a problem elsewhere that affected the apartment's water. When you travel, you never know what strange situations may occur and I prize a positive and connected host above all things! You can't stop the crazies from happening, but you can count on these good people to help you through. Grazie, Karina and Marco!
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